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Exciters & Calibrators
Portable Vibration Calibrators

VC-01Handheld Vibration Calibrator, calibration shaker
Rapid judgment measurement system integrity ;
Rapid measurement the sensitivity of acceleration/Velocity/Displacement sensors;
Battery powered with automatic shutdown;
Self-contained 1grms vibration reference; Small size, light weight.

VC-02 Portable Vibration Calibrator
is designed to test and calibrate all types of vibration transducers and monitoring systems
- in the lab or in the field.VC-02 is a complete, self contained, portable vibration calibrator. 
As a standard feature, each unit is equipped with its own rechargeable power source.
This makes the 4000 an excellent choice for any field calibration work where an extension cord
is both dangerous and time consuming.
An external charger/power supply provides charging and operational current when used in the lab.

VC-03 is a simple displacement testing and calibration device, using micrometer as displacement reference ,
digital display, provide a variety of the clamping fixture, easy clamping sensor;
Suitable for static calibrating and testing YCM401D series  displacement sensor.
Measuring Range:0-25mm   Accuracy:�1Ám  ize:300 L�140W�110 H   Weight:2.5kg



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