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Signal Conditioners
Charge Amplifiers

Charge amplifiers convert the charge output by a piezoelectric sensor into a proportional voltage, 

which is used as an input variable for analysis systems, and can be digitized in an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter if necessary. A charge amplifier basically consists of an inverting voltage 

amplifier with a high openloop gain and capacitive negative feedback. It relies on a metal oxide semiconductor field effect 

transistor (MOSFET) or a junction field effect transistor (JFET) at its input to achieve high insulation resistance and 

minimize leakage current. If the openloop gain is sufficiently high, the cable and sensor capacitance can be neglected, 

leaving the output voltage dependent on just the charge at the charge amplifier input and the 

range capacitor. 


   8101 Miniature Charge Amplifier for industrial Use
Rugged, sealed case; with various connection facilities; also available with range adjusted to a specific sensor. Its rugged construction makes it particularly suitable for installation on site in machine monitoring systems.

   8102 Low Noise Charge Amplifier
   8102I Dual Integral Charge Amplifier
8102: multiple input type: Charge, Voltage, IEPE; Optional Gain, High-pass filters, Low-pass Filters, Sensitivity uniformizationú╗
8102I: built-in dual integral circuit , can test Acceleration, Velocity  and Displacement;
Built-in double integrators circuit for acceleration, displacement and velocity; Switchable for Gain, LPF, HPF, Sensitivity normalized. Charge and Voltage input. Int. Battery and Ext. Source Supply.
   8103 Multi-channel Charge Amplifier
Features:Assembled Multi-channels (4chs,6 chs and 8 chs available);Small size, high integration ;Three decimal-system uniformization output(1-10 pC/UNIT);Switchable for Gain and LPF ;Low noise and wide frequency band(0.3 to 100kHz);Low price, suitable for multi-point test;Overload indication


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