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Dynamic Data Collectors

dynamic data collector, it is a kind of multichannel parallel data acquisition system based on USB2.0 interface; With voltage/IEPE two input mode

The signal test and modal analysis software

Dynamic signal testing & analysis module, basic modal test & analysis module, impulse response analysis module,

High Shock Accelerometers

High Shock accelerometers are specifically designed to withstand and measure extreme, high-amplitude, short-duration, transient accelerometers. Built-in Mechanical & Electrical Filters; Lightweight Integral Cable or  M5 Coaxial Jack; Measurement Ranges From 5,000 gs to 100,000 gs

Proximity(Eddy) Displacement Sensors

Non-contact displacement sensors using eddy current technology measure distances, displacements, or positions of any electrically-conductive target.

Impact Hammers
IH series Impact Hammers integrate a rugged, force sensor into the hammers striking surface. Variety of hammers can suit different size test subject.
Piezoelectric Vibration Velocity Sensors

Piezoelectric Vibration Velocity Sensors are solid state piezoelectric velocity measurement devices. Many vibration analysts prefer to examine vibration signals in terms of velocity (mm per second) to amplify the signal of interest.

Linear Power Amplifiers
LA series Power Amplifier is designed to drive MS series Modal Shakers and MS series small vibrators
Piezoelectric Industrial Vibration Sensors
Industrial accelerometers , condition monitor vibration sensors, are rugged, stainless steel vibration monitoring sensors for predictive maintenance applications. All Our sensors are hermetically sealed , case isolated, laser welding sealing, waterproof, prevent oil design; Suitable for the industrial field environment under long-term stable and reliable work;
General Purpose Single Axis /Triaxial Piezoelectric Vibration Sensors(IEPE/PE mode)
General Purpose Piezoelectric Vibration Sensors are applied for Vibration Test, Product Test, Structural Test, Vibration Control, Package Drop Test etc.
Miniature Single Axis/ Triaxial Vibration Sensors
Miniature piezoelectric vibration sensors (IEPE/PE mode) are designed to apply for drop testing & package testing, small component qualification testing, modal testing etc. Small size, light weight.
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